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Safety production training in the second quarter of 2022

Jun. 14, 2022

In order to improve the safety awareness and safety operation skills of employees, so that employees have the knowledge of safety production required for their own work, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, to ensure the safe and smooth production.On the afternoon of June 10, the company organized a safety education and training for all employees.  

   Training through the explanation of safety knowledge, some accident pictures and video display, we should learn earnestly and draw lessons from it, to ensure their own safety, but also to ensure the safety of colleagues around the company's property.I hope that through the safety production training, so that we have a deeper understanding of the importance of safe production, understand what safety issues to pay attention to in daily work, enhance their awareness of prevention, improve the ability to prevent accidents, always pay attention to the importance of safe production. 

Safety production training in the second quarter of 2022