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Safety Production Training

Sep. 02, 2021

In order to improve employees' safety awareness and safe operation skills, ensure that employees have the safe production knowledge required for their own work, master the safe production rules and regulations and safe operation procedures, prevent safety accidents, ensure safe production, improve work efficiency and comprehensively improve the overall quality of employees, the company specially organized and carried out safe production training on June 23, Vigorously publicize the safety policy of "people-oriented, safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment".

"Everyone is responsible for safe production" facts have proved that we can't relax, stop or paralyze the safety work for a moment. All levels of the company should earnestly strengthen the awareness of "safety is happiness", "safety is responsibility" and "safety is ability". Only by strengthening the law enforcement and inspection of safety production, can we promote the solid and effective development of safety production work, so as to more effectively promote the implementation of enterprise safety production.