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Production Director

Jun. 27, 2019

Recruitment position - Production manager 1 salary interview. Specifically: 1, with complete electrical equipment technology management experience; 2, responsible for the daily work of the production workshop; 3, responsible for a reasonable and effective organization, planning product production, to ensure the normal and effective operation of production; 4, responsible for the front and back of the supervisor Work assessment, earnestly do rewards and punishments, and improve work enthusiasm; 5, regularly hold production meetings, listen to the work reports of various departments and give timely advice; 6. Responsible for the company's sustainable development project investigation, for the company's further development and growth Provide feasibility basis 7. Have good management decision-making and organization and coordination ability, and have rich ability to deal with complex problems.

Welfare treatment: Changbai class, single break; wages are paid according to 13 wages; work is completed for one year according to national regulations; annual insurance is paid according to national regulations, annual travel and deep medical check once/twice.

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