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International Trade Sales Assistant/Clerk

Jun. 27, 2019

Recruitment position - International trade sales assistant / clerk 1 salary 3000-4000 yuan. Specifically: 1. Can be a fresh graduate, mainly responsible for development business. 2. Correct attitude, extroverted, long-term work (not to be disturbed), able to bear hardships and hard work, love sales, this is the most important 3. Ability to use the platform to develop customers and maintain customers. 4. More than one year of work experience is preferred, English is above grade 4, with good writing skills and good spoken English. 5. The computer is proficient in operation and likes to go online. Proficiency in OFFICE, language communication skills, affinity, confidence, and strong sense of responsibility.

Welfare treatment: Changbai class, single break; wages are paid according to 13 wages; work is completed for one year according to national regulations; annual insurance is paid according to national regulations, annual travel and deep medical check once/twice.

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