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Is Correct Operation Important for High Voltage Switch Cabinet Equipment?

Jun. 24, 2020

As a China High Voltage Switch Cabinet Factory, share with you. High and low voltage switchgear is one of the representative products of switchgear manufacturers. As an electrical equipment, its safety is very important. In addition to the safety of the equipment itself, there is also the safety guarantee brought by the correct operation. Whether it is a High Voltage Switch Cabinet or a low voltage switch cabinet, how should it be operated correctly?

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

1. Working principle of high and low voltage switchgear

First, the outside line enters the main control switch inside the switch cabinet, and then enters the sub-control switch, and each branch is stopped according to its practical work requirements.

2. Switch machine operation of high and low voltage switch cabinet

When the operation of the high-voltage switchgear is suspended, the operation of the circuit breaker is first suspended, then the line side disconnector is turned off, and then the bus side disconnector is turned off. The above is the order of shutting down the high-voltage switchgear. If it is turned on, the operation order is the opposite of the shutdown.

3. Operation experiment of low-voltage switchgear

On the one hand, it is a manual operation mechanism experiment, which means that all manual operation parts on each low-voltage switch cabinet are stopped from repeated trial operations to ensure that there are no abnormal conditions.

The other hand is to stop the manual experiment of the withdrawable function unit. When operating the low-voltage switchgear, the drawer can be pulled out from the connected position to the experimental position, and then moved to the connected position after the separation position. The purpose is to detect the operation process is sensitive and cumbersome . If it is found that there is a situation that does not meet the request, it is necessary to stop the adjustment or replace the operating handle and other parts.

Another aspect is the electrical operation experiment of the low-voltage switchgear. It is necessary to stop the device and wiring on the premise of correctness. According to the electrical schematic diagram, stop the imitation action experiment to ensure the normal power-on of the equipment.

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