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What is the Difference Between the High and Low Voltage Distribution Cabinets?

Jul. 24, 2020

Do you know the difference between them? Is it just the voltage difference? The following High Voltage Switch Cabinet Manufacturer solves this mystery for everyone.

High and low voltage power distribution cabinet equipment and control cabinets are used as electrical equipment for power transmission, distribution and power conversion. It is used for the control of power generation, power transmission, power distribution, electric energy conversion and electric energy consumption equipment. Like power plants, substations and industrial and mining enterprises to receive and distribute electric energy, and has the functions of controlling, protecting and monitoring circuits.

What is the Difference Between the High and Low Voltage Distribution Cabinets?cid=14

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

High voltage power distribution cabinet:

1. KYN28-12 power distribution cabinet is a fixed power distribution cabinet, used for the communication of industrial and mining enterprise transformation and power distribution stations in a 50HZ, 3-10KV three-phase single bus system, for receiving and distributing electrical energy.

2. The full name of XGN ring network cabinet is called fixed metal-enclosed switchgear, which is used to bear and distribute electric energy in the three-phase communication power system with voltage of 3KV, 6KV, and 10KV and frequency of 50HZ. This system has a reliable "five prevention" locking function, reliable performance, and can be widely used in high-voltage motors starting, switching and other occasions.

3. HXGN type high-voltage power distribution cabinet is an indoor box-type communication metal-enclosed switchgear with three-phase communication additional voltage of 10kV and additional frequency of 50Hz. It is suitable for power distribution systems in factories, workshops, residential quarters, high-rise buildings and other places, ring network power supply or dual-power radiation power supply system, with bearing, distribution and protection effects, and also suitable for box-type substations.

Low-voltage power distribution cabinet:

1. The GCK power distribution cabinet is suitable for communication control and distribution systems with 50 (60) HZ, additional operating voltage less than or equal to 660V, additional current 4000A and below, as power distribution equipment, motor control and lighting and other power distribution equipment.

2. The GCS type low-voltage withdrawable power distribution cabinet is used in the power, distribution and motor centralized control of the power generation and power supply system with a three-phase communication frequency of 50Hz, an additional operating voltage of 400V (690V), and an additional current of 4000A and below , Capacitance compensation. 3. MNS-type power distribution cabinets are widely used in various low-voltage power distribution systems such as power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, buildings, hotels, and municipal construction.

High and low voltage power distribution cabinets are power distribution equipment used for power distribution, control, metering, and connection of cables in the power supply system. Generally, power supply bureaus and substations use high voltage power distribution cabinets, and then use transformers to step down the low voltage side. Lead out to the low-voltage power distribution cabinet, the low-voltage power distribution cabinet to the various power distribution panels, control boxes, switch boxes, inside are some protection devices such as switches, circuit breakers, fuses, buttons, indicators, surfaces, wires, etc. The equipment assembled into a power distribution device that meets the planned function requirements. Our company also sells Low Voltage Switch Cabinet, welcome to contact us.