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How can I Reduce the Frequency of High Voltage Switch Cabinet Failures?

Jul. 17, 2020

High Voltage Switch Cabinet often has large and small failures in our daily use. For example, after long-term use of mine high-voltage switch cabinets, it will cause the failure of the switch cabinet due to improper operation, etc. Use has a great impact, so is there any way to avoid these failures, or measures to reduce damage to the switchgear. Next, I will explain to you in detail about this aspect.

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

Failure of mine high-voltage switchgear due to ambient temperature:

Low-voltage electrical appliances in mine switchgear are composed of fuses, AC contactors, residual current action protectors, capacitors and metering meters. These low-voltage electrical appliances are designed and manufactured according to the basic standards of low-voltage electrical appliances, and their normal working conditions are stipulated accordingly: the upper limit of the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40. The average value of the ambient air temperature in 24 hours does not exceed 35, and the lower limit of the ambient air temperature is not lower than -5 or -25. The switchgear of the rural network transformation is operated outdoors.It not only generates high temperature due to direct sunlight, but also generates heat during operation.Therefore, in the high summer season, the temperature in the switchgear cabinet will reach more than 60. The temperature greatly exceeds the ambient temperature specified by these appliances, then failures due to overheating of electrical components in the switchgear will occur.

Failure due to product quality:

In the transformation of the rural network, because the demand for mining switch cabinets is very large, but the construction period is short, China High Voltage Switch Cabinet Factory needs the supply time of low-voltage electrical appliances and the quantity is high, so there will be requirements for product quality If the phenomenon is not strict, then there will be a failure soon after the product is put into operation. For example, some models of AC contactors cannot be operated shortly after the distribution box is put into operation because the closing coil of the contactor is burnt out.

The failure of high and low voltage switchgear for mining due to improper selection of electrical appliances:

Due to the inappropriate selection of AC contactor capacity during manufacturing, AC contactors of the same capacity were installed for different outlet circuits, and the imbalance of three-phase load was not considered, and the current level of some outlet contactors could not be selected normally Based on the model, a current level selection is increased, which also causes the AC contactor to burn out during the summer high temperature season. In the transformation of rural power grids, many of them are purchased low-voltage electrical appliances, and the quality requirements are not very high. The general requirement is that they can be used. Therefore, users have a lot of problems in the process of use, and spent a lot of money.

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