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What are the Issues to Consider When Purchasing Low Voltage Switch Cabinet?

May. 11, 2020

As a Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet Factory, share with you. Something related to electricity, so its safety is very important, so everyone must pay attention to some issues when buying. So what issues should be considered when buying high and low voltage switchgear?

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet refers to electrical products used for power system power generation, transmission, distribution, electrical energy conversion and consumption for on-off, control, or protection. Isolation switches and grounding switches, high-voltage load switches, high-voltage automatic reclosing and sectionalizers, high-voltage operating mechanisms, high-voltage explosion-proof power distribution devices, and high-voltage switchgears. The first is to choose a good producer. The models and prices of high and low voltage switchgear produced by different manufacturers are also different. Strictly speaking, the high and low voltage switchgears used on different occasions are different. If at the time of purchase, the appropriate model of high and low voltage switchgear is not selected, there may be some unnecessary worries.

Secondly, the safety of the switchgear. The existence of high and low voltage switchgear is mainly to control voltage and adjust power factor. As we all know, every occasion is inseparable from the addition of electricity, and the voltage of electricity is also divided into large and small. The current used by different electrical appliances is also different. Without the help of high and low voltage switchgear, it may cause unsafe factors. Therefore, when buying high and low voltage switchgear, the most important thing is to have high safety. Choosing the appropriate external dimensions is very important for high and low voltage electrical switchgears and high and low voltage power distribution cabinets to be able to operate safely and securely in the future. If the size is too small, higher requirements will be placed on product insulation, mainly in Bushings, contact boxes, busbar surface insulation treatment, etc .; if the size selection is too large, it also puts forward more commercial requirements for product manufacturing, mainly in the aspects of handcart interchangeability, chain reliability, cabinet strength, etc.

The last is the installation of switchgear. At the time of purchase, please inquire whether to provide on-site installation. Because the volume of the low-voltage switchgear is relatively large, try not to install it privately during the installation, but with the help of professionals, so that the low-voltage switchgear can be safely installed and safely used.

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