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Safety measures and grounding protection of High Voltage Switch Cabinet

Nov. 01, 2019

  As a China High Voltage Switch Cabinet Manufacturer, there is some information to share with you. After the vacuum circuit breaker car in the high-voltage cabinet is closed at the test position, the trolley circuit breaker cannot enter the working position. When the grounding knife in the high-voltage power distribution cabinet is in the position, the trolley circuit breaker cannot enter and close. (Prevent the grounding wire from closing) When the vacuum circuit breaker in the high-voltage power distribution cabinet is closed, the machinery and the door on the grounding knife of the rear door of the cabinet are locked.

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

  The vacuum circuit breaker in the High Voltage Switch Cabinet is closed during operation, and the grounding knife cannot be put into operation. (Prevent the live grounding line from being charged) The vacuum circuit breaker in the high-voltage electric cabinet cannot exit the working position of the trolley circuit breaker during the operation closing operation. (Preventing load broach brake)

  High-voltage cabinets operate on all and partially powered disks, and the service equipment and operating equipment should be clearly marked. Reliable protection grounding for secondary windings with current transformers and voltage transformers.

  When working on a secondary circuit of a running current transformer, the following safety measures should be taken:

  1. Do not disconnect the current loop.

  2. In order to reliably short-circuit the secondary winding of the current transformer, it is necessary to use a short-circuit piece and a short-circuit wire to prohibit the use of wire winding.

  3. Do not perform any work on the loops and wires between the current transformer and the short-circuit terminals.

  When working on a secondary circuit of a voltage transformer in operation, the following safety measures should be taken:

  1. Strictly prevent short circuits or grounding.

  2. Insulation tools, insulated gloves should be used, and the relay protection device should be deactivated before work if necessary.

  3. When connecting a temporary load, special switches and fuses must be installed.

  4. In the secondary circuit energization test, in order to prevent the secondary reverse pressure from the secondary side, in addition to disconnecting the secondary circuit, the fuse should be removed.

  5. Before the secondary circuit is energized or withstand voltage test, the attendant and relevant personnel should be notified, and the guards should be sent to the scene to check the circuit and confirm that no one can work and then pressurize.

  6. Check the power-off protection and secondary circuit personnel, and do not perform any switching operations without the permission of the on-duty personnel.

  The control power supply of high voltage switchgear

  The high-voltage switchgear, high-voltage and low-voltage power distribution cabinet, the core control power of the high-voltage starter cabinet is from the control power supply. If the control power supply fails, the core control component of the high-voltage switchgear will lose its function and become a display. So the focus of daily maintenance is also here. In order to meet the real-time monitoring requirements of the system and improve the electromagnetic compatibility, according to the principle of strong and weak electrical isolation, the equipment should be separately set with the operating power and communication power isolated from the main power supply. And also need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Ensure that all types of operations are completed smoothly, such as closing and opening of circuit breakers, and opening and closing of contactors.

  2. Ensure that the communication is smooth, and the loop can still be monitored when the system is powered off.

  3. A dedicated circuit should be provided to supply power to the on-site industrial computer.

  4. Meet system capacity and power supply time requirements.

  5. Provide the necessary accident lighting power when needed.

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