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What are the Problems with the Switchgear?

Sep. 04, 2019

As a China High Voltage Switch Cabinet Factory, let us explain to you the problems of the switchgear.

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet is a problem that has plagued power safety production for many years.

When performing a power outage, it must be verified that the equipment has no voltage before the grounding switch. However, the closed Low Voltage Switch Cabinet is in a fully enclosed state. According to the normal operation method, the portable high-voltage electroscope cannot be used to inspect the equipment. Therefore, there is a method of forcibly unlocking and opening the Low Voltage Switch Cabinet door.

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

A high-voltage live display device using a xenon lamp as a display element is widely used in the High Voltage Switch Cabinet. After a long period of operation, it is found that the blindness rate is high and the bubble is largely damaged.

In order to compensate for the defect, a xenon lamp running/closing switch is installed on the live display device, and the switch is normally turned off so that the entire high-voltage live display device temporarily exits operation. In this way, the high-voltage live display device is lost as a function of monitoring whether the line side is charged or not.