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How to Reduce the Failure of the Low Voltage Switch Cabinet?

Sep. 25, 2019

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet often has large and small faults in our daily use. For example, after our long-term use, the high and low voltage switchgear will cause the switch cabinet to malfunction due to improper operation, etc. There is a big impact on the use, then there is no way to avoid these failures, or to reduce the damage of high and low voltage switchgear. Next, China High Voltage Switch Cabinet Factory gives you a detailed explanation of this aspect.

First, due to the ambient temperature caused by mining high and low voltage switchgear failure:

The low-voltage electrical appliances in the mine high and low voltage switchgear are composed of fuses, AC contactors, residual current action protectors, capacitors and meters. In the high-temperature season in summer, the temperature inside the cabinet of the switch cabinet will reach 60 or more. When the temperature exceeds the ambient temperature specified by these appliances, the fault caused by overheating of the electrical components in the switch cabinet will occur.

Second, due to product quality failures:

In the transformation of rural power grids, because the demand for Low Voltage Switch Cabinet is very large, but the construction period is short, the distribution box manufacturers need to supply the low-voltage electrical appliances with urgent and large quantities, so there will be no requirement for product quality. The strict phenomenon, then there will be a failure soon after the product is put into operation. If some types of AC contactors are not put into operation after the switchboard is put into operation, the contactor closing coils will burn out and cannot operate.

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

Third, due to improper selection of electrical appliances caused by the failure of mining high and low voltage switchgear:

Due to improper selection of AC contactor capacity during manufacturing, AC contactors of the same capacity were installed for different outlet circuits, and the imbalance of the three-phase load was not taken into consideration, and the current level of some of the outgoing contactors could not be selected normally. Based on the model number, increase a current level selection. This also leads to the occurrence of AC contactor burnout during summer hot season operation. In the transformation of rural power grids, many of them are low-voltage electrical products purchased by the state. The quality requirements are not very high. The general requirement is that they can be used as long as they can be used. Therefore, the user has a lot of problems in the use process, and spent a lot of money.

According to the above, we know the cause of the fault, then the next step is easy. For example, because of the influence of the ambient temperature, it is necessary to select a product with high temperature resistance or some treatment for cooling in time. The second is that we must carefully review it before use, to determine the quality is no problem in the purchase and use, can not blindly choose. In addition, when we use the Industry Low-voltage Power Distribution Cabinet, we should use it according to the operating instructions, so as to reduce the occurrence of faults.