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What should be Paid Attention to when the Frequency Converter Cabinet is Installed?

Apr. 03, 2020

Everyone is familiar with the Frequency Converter Cabinet. It will be available in every community. It can be widely used in wind power, water pumps and so on. The High Voltage Switch Cabinet Manufacturer will explain the precautions when installing the inverter today. The frequency conversion control cabinet is mainly responsible for mediating the frequency of equipment use, reducing resource consumption, being able to start the equipment smoothly, and reducing equipment damage.

PLC Control Cabinet

PLC Control Cabinet

Soft start control cabinet display

First, during the installation process, you should choose which protection functions to use according to the actual situation. Most of the inverter's protection functions are to protect the motor, but for the inverter itself, there is no effective protection measures. Due to the long time interval between the opening and closing of the automatic air switch, it cannot form a thyristor. Effective protection, in order to protect the inverter from short circuit. When designing and installing, you can choose the corresponding fast-acting fuse for installation according to the actual rated voltage in the product sample provided by the soft-start manufacturer.

Second, in the process of maintenance. It is important to note that once the inverter brakes the motor and stops it, only the thyristor has no current passing through it, but it does not mean that the motor is isolated from the power supply. The motor is likely to still have it. It is very unsafe and very prone to electric shock. Therefore, before maintenance, a circuit breaker can be added to the primary control circuit of the motor to completely cut off the current from the equipment and protect the safety of workers.

Four characteristics of inverter control cabinet

Inverter control cabinet display

1. Save energy:

Compared with the traditionally controlled motor, the energy saving of the inverter-controlled motor is the most practical. The motor operating condition based on the water injection and oil delivery demand is economical operation, which can save 48.8% of power. ,

2. Reduced operating costs:

The operating costs of traditional motors consist of three items: initial purchase costs, maintenance costs, and energy costs. The energy cost accounts for about 77% of the operating cost of the motor. Through the energy cost reduction of 44.3%, coupled with the reduced impact on the equipment after the start of the frequency conversion, the maintenance and repair volume will also decrease, so the operating cost will be greatly reduced.

3. Improve pressure control accuracy:

The frequency conversion control system has precise pressure control capability. Match the pressure output of the motor to the amount of water injection required by the system. The output of the frequency controlled motor changes with the change of the motor speed. As the accuracy of the frequency control motor is improved, it can keep the system pressure change of the pipe network within the range of 3 pisg, that is, within 0.2 bar, which effectively improves the quality of the working conditions.

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