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What are the Differences Between High and Low Voltage Switch Cabinet Models?

Feb. 10, 2020

High and low voltage switch cabinet is an electrical equipment. The outside line first enters the main control switch in the cabinet and then enters the sub-control switch. Each branch is set according to its needs. Such as instruments, automatic control, motor magnetic switches, various AC contactors, etc., some also have high-voltage room and low-voltage room switch cabinets, with high-voltage buses, such as power plants. As a China High Voltage Switch Cabinet Factory, to share with you, there are the following:

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

1. GGD series: GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet is suitable for power distribution systems such as substations, power plants, factories and mining enterprises with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V, and rated working current 1000-3150A as power, lighting and power generation systems. For power conversion, distribution and control of power distribution equipment.

2. GCK series: This device is suitable for AC 50 (60) HZ, rated operating voltage 660V or less, rated current 4000A and below control power distribution system, as power distribution, motor control and lighting distribution equipment.

3. GCS series: GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is used for power, power distribution and electric motors in power generation and power supply systems with a three-phase AC frequency of 50Hz, a rated working voltage of 400V (690V), and a rated current of 4000A and below. For centralized control and capacitance compensation.

4. MNS series: Widely used in various low-voltage power distribution systems such as power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, building hotels, and municipal construction.

5. MCS series: MCS intelligent low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is an advanced product developed by combining the advantages of other low-voltage products. It is suitable for power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgy, telecommunications, light industry, textiles, high-rise buildings and other Civilian.

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

1. GG-1A (F) series: GG-1A high voltage switch cabinet is fixed type, used in industrial and mining enterprise transformer and distribution station AC 50HZ, 3-10KV three-phase single bus system to receive and distribute power Use.

2. XGN series: XGN box-type fixed metal-enclosed switchgear, mainly used for the acceptance and distribution of electrical energy in three-phase AC power systems with voltages of 3KV, 6KV, 10KV and frequency of 50HZ. This system has a reliable "five-proof" blocking function, reliable performance, and can be widely used in high-voltage motor starting, switching operation and other occasions.

3. HXGN series: HXGN-10 high-voltage switchgear is an indoor box-type AC metal-enclosed switchgear with a three-phase AC rated voltage of 10kV and a rated frequency of 50Hz. It is suitable for power distribution systems in factories, workshops, residential quarters, high-rise buildings, and other places. Ring-network power supply or dual-power radiation power supply systems play a role of receiving, distributing, and protecting. It is also suitable for box-type substations.