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Do you know the operation skills of the Low Voltage Switch Cabinet for stopping and transmitting power?

Jan. 20, 2020

Because the low-voltage switchgear is the terminal equipment for transmitting electrical equipment, it carries the safety transmission task of low-voltage power supply. It is very dangerous to operate in actual operation, especially when the power supply of the switchgear is stopped. The Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet Factory will give you a detailed explanation of the power outage process of the switch cabinet.

First, let's talk about how to perform power outage on the switchgear: The low-voltage switchgear factory reminds us that when the switchgear is in working state, all components in the switchgear are in working state, that is, the upper and lower isolation switches and the circuit breakers are closed. In the state, the front and rear doors of the product are closed and locked, and they are in live operation. At this time, the small handle is in the working position. If a power failure is to be performed in this state, the circuit breaker of the switchgear must be disconnected first, and then the small handle must be moved to the "opening and blocking" position. Note that the circuit breaker at this time must not be closed, but then insert the operation handle into the operation hole of the lower isolating switch, pull it down from the top, and then push it up to ensure that the grounding switch is in the closed position. Push the small handle to the "overhaul" position. Then open the front door first, and then open the back door, and the entire power failure operation process is complete. Here I would like to remind everyone that the power outage operation seems very simple, but each step must have a solid foundation in electrical equipment operation, and you must be careful in the process of operation.

GGD Fixed Switch Cabinet

GGD Fixed Switch Cabinet

Next, let's talk about the power transmission process of the switchgear: The low-voltage switchgear factory reminds us that with the power-off operation of the switchgear, the power transmission process will be much easier. The specific operation is as follows: First, close the rear door and lock it. After removing the key, close the front door, and then move the small handle from the maintenance position to the “sub-lock” position. At this time, the front door is locked and the circuit breaker cannot be closed. Insert the handle into the operation hole of the grounding switch, pull it down from the top to place the grounding switch in the open position. Remove the operation handle, insert it into the operation hole of the lower isolation, and push it upward from the bottom to place the lower isolation in the closing position. Operate the handle, move the small handle to the working position, and then close the circuit breaker. This completes the entire process of power transmission. It's easy! Finally, there is one more sentence: Be sure to ensure safe operation at each step.

Fixed Low Voltage Switch Cabinet is a device connected to high-voltage or low-voltage cables. The high-voltage cabinet used in power supply bureaus and transformers is stepped down to a low-voltage cabinet through a transformer and then passed through the low-voltage cabinet to each power distribution box. Some protective devices such as switch breakers are combined into one electrical device.

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