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Why do High Voltage Switch Cabinet temperature measurement?

Jan. 17, 2020

High Voltage Switch Cabinet is a very important electrical equipment in the power system. Modern power systems have higher and higher requirements for power quality. Correspondingly, higher requirements have been placed on the reliability of high-voltage switchgear. With the development of the power grid and the improvement of equipment technology, 10,35kV system switch cabinets have been widely used in the power grid. The internal overheating phenomenon of the switch cabinet has become a common problem in the use of the switch cabinet. Due to the tightness of the switch cabinet, the temperature rise of the switch cabinet exceeds the standard in some areas with heavy loads. The temperature rise of the switch cabinet exceeds the standard, which directly affects the safe and stable operation of the equipment. In addition, the problem of overheating is a continuously developing process. If it is not controlled, the degree of overheating will continue to increase, and the performance of the insulation and the life of the equipment will be greatly influenced.

Why do High Voltage Switch Cabinet temperature measurement?

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

As a High Voltage Switch Cabinet Manufacturer, I would like to share with you the methods and advantages of high voltage switch cabinet temperature measurement.

At present, the temperature measurement of switch cabinets is basically based on the temperature measurement system of optical fiber temperature sensors:

Fiber gratings and fiber distribution due to the complicated technical process, must rely on high-precision peripheral equipment. Due to the requirements of manufacturing process accuracy, technology blockade, etc., domestic manufacturers of fiber gratings and fiber distribution are basically agents, core components. Reliance on imports has led to high prices.

Infrared temperature measurement should avoid sunlight, and the switchgear must have a temperature measurement window and must rely on an independent power supply system. There are hidden safety hazards such as high and low voltage isolation. Affected by the external environment.

The wireless temperature measurement mainly relies on the integrated temperature measurement device 18b20. After the temperature signal is collected, it is converted into a wireless signal and transmitted through a conversion unit, and then the signal is read through a specific receiving end. However, the internal chemical battery needs to be replaced regularly. A stable power supply system is obviously not desirable, and the improved version of high-voltage energy extraction and strong light penetration also obviously requires additional components when converting through photovoltaic cells, increasing costs and reducing system reliability.

Switchgear temperature measurement for safety

At present, for the switch cabinets used in the power system, strictly follow the equipment procurement procedures and technical policies to ensure that the switch cabinets connected to the network have passed the type test, especially the temperature rise requirements are more stringent. During operation, the load usually does not reach the designed full capacity of the switchgear. The temperature rise problem of the switchgear should not be very prominent, but the actual situation is not necessarily the case. The actual temperature rise inside the switchgear, especially the busbar connection, is usually always higher than the data measured in the type test.

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