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Do you know the structure of the Low Voltage Switch Cabinet?

Jan. 11, 2020

The cabinet structure is the basis of the Low Voltage Switch Cabinet combination, so the cabinet manufacturing process becomes the foundation. As a cabinet, it must not only meet the combined functional conditions of each electrical unit, but also meet the inherent requirements of the cabinet.

Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet Factory is now sharing knowledge about low-voltage switchgear.

Cabinet structure and process characteristics The cabinet structure and its technology can be roughly distinguished in terms of structural form, connection method, and material selection.

Divided from the structural form:

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

The process characteristics of manufacturing drawer low-voltage cabinets are:

(1) There must be a unified reference for the fixed and movable parts;

(2) The relevant parts must be adjusted to the optimal position, and special standard tooling, including standard cabinets and standard drawers, should be used during adjustment;

(3) The error of critical dimensions must not be out of tolerance;

(4) The interchangeability of drawers of the same type and size must be reliable.

From the connection method

(1) Welding type: it has the advantages of convenience, robustness and reliability; the disadvantages are large errors, easy deformation, difficult adjustment, and aesthetic appearance, and the workpiece cannot be pre-plated in general.

There are certain requirements for welding clamps:

① Good rigidity, not affected by workpiece deformation;

② The overall size is slightly larger than the nominal size of the workpiece, which can offset the shrinkage effect after welding;

③Smooth, simple and convenient operation, minimize the rotating mechanism to avoid card damage;

④ In order to prevent welding corrosion and easy maintenance adjustment, it is necessary to select the workpiece support, and support must be provided with anti-welding pads.

(2) Fastener connection: its advantages are suitable for pre-plating of workpieces, easy to adjust and change, easy to beautify, parts can be standardized design and pre-production inventory can be made, and the frame size error is small. The disadvantage is that it is not as strong as welding, requires high accuracy of parts, and the processing cost is relatively increased. Fasteners are generally standard parts. The main types of fasteners are conventional screws, nuts and rivets, pull rivets, pre-tightened and fine-adjustable clamp nuts and pre-tightened tightening nuts, and self-tapping screws. There are also special fastening screws (such as the low-voltage cabinets imported from abroad mostly use special fastening screws).

(3) Welding and fastening mixed connection: It can concentrate on the advantages of the above two methods. Generally, electric welding is used at the joint of the cabinet and the variable or adjustable parts are connected by fasteners. Larger cabinets have difficulties in plating after welding, and the surface is mostly painted. If outdoor cabinets are made of pre-plated materials and must be welded, the welded parts can be treated with thermal spray metal.

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