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High Voltage Switch Cabinet daily maintenance advice?

Jan. 04, 2020

As a complete set of electrical equipment, High Voltage Switch Cabinet is an important part of electric power operation. In order to ensure the normal operation of electricity, it is necessary for us to perform daily maintenance monitoring and maintain the normal operation of high-voltage switch cabinets.

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

Today, as China High Voltage Switch Cabinet Factory, I will briefly talk about the daily maintenance recommendations of high and low voltage switch cabinets.

1. Do insulation work according to the environment

Generally, the required temperature range of high-voltage switchgear is between -10 ° C and 45 ° C. If the ambient temperature is too high, the electrical conductivity of metal parts will become lower, the resistivity will increase, and the oxidation will gradually accelerate. It will reduce the insulation strength of the insulation parts. Of course, too cold environment will also cause greater internal stress to the equipment components, thereby destroying the reliability of the insulation. Therefore, it is necessary to increase some insulation-type electrical appliances and insulation protection measures according to the situation, and the surrounding environment requires no fire sources, no pollution, and no corrosive chemicals.

2. Do the corresponding dustproof and inspection

In order to prevent rust and corrosion, the metal equipment used in high-voltage switchgear can be coated with appropriate paint. In order to eliminate the impact of dust accumulation on the insulation performance, the dust in the equipment should be regularly cleaned with a brush. For electric brakes, regularly check the loosening of their fixing screws, and do a good job of lubrication and tightening.

3. Reasonable internal wiring of high voltage switchgear

Sometimes because of production needs, it is necessary to temporarily connect power from the switchgear to draw power for high-voltage equipment. When wiring, strictly follow the electrical safety management regulations and use well-insulated wires. Its safety should be able to fully meet the needs of the electrical load. To allow electrical professionals to operate, it is required that the wiring be unobstructed and no intertwining between the wires, and do a reliable grounding work. When the temporary power supply is not needed, the newly added power supply facilities need to be removed in time and the site cleaned up. Zh

Why do you need to measure the temperature of high voltage switchgear?

The complete high-voltage switchgear is used as a very important electrical equipment in the power system. Modern power systems have higher and higher requirements for power quality. Correspondingly, higher requirements have been placed on the reliability of high-voltage switchgear. With the development of the power grid and the improvement of equipment technology, 10,35kV system switch cabinets have been widely used in the power grid. The internal overheating phenomenon of the switch cabinet has become a common problem in the use of the switch cabinet. Due to the tightness of the switch cabinet, the temperature rise of the switch cabinet exceeds the standard in some areas with heavy loads. The temperature rise of the switch cabinet exceeds the standard, which directly affects the safe and stable operation of the equipment. In addition, the problem of overheating is a continuously developing process. If it is not controlled, the degree of overheating will continue to increase, and the performance of the insulation and the life of the equipment will be greatly affected. influences. Our company also has PLC Electrical Cabinet for sale, welcome to consult.