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Are you Clear about the Debugging Method of Frequency Converter Cabinet?

Apr. 24, 2020

The electricity used in our daily life is to adjust the working frequency through the most basic transformer through the frequency conversion control cabinet. Its shape is beautiful and durable, and it is also convenient to operate. Frequency Converter Cabinet is mainly responsible for mediating the frequency of use of equipment, reducing resource consumption, able to start the equipment smoothly, and reducing equipment damage. The frequency conversion control cabinet is mainly responsible for water pumps in the water conservancy industry, and is very popular in the water conservancy industry. For some industries, the inverter control cabinet is an indispensable part. Without the inverter control cabinet, the entire working system may be affected. Therefore, the quality of the control system is very important, then let the editor of PLC Control Cabinet Manufacturer introduce the debugging method of this equipment for you.

PLC Electrical Cabinet

PLC Electrical Cabinet

1. Automatic operation: turn on the power, the power indicator light is on, turn the transfer switch to the "automatic" position, and check whether the motor controlled by the control cabinet acts according to the instructions of the liquid level controller. When the liquid level reaches the control liquid level, the corresponding liquid level indicator lights up, the corresponding limit control relay normally open contact is automatically closed, the secondary control circuit is automatically connected, the motor starts, and the running indicator lights at the same time. When the water level reaches the stop level, the corresponding indicator light glows, the normally closed contact of the corresponding limit control relay of the liquid level measuring and control instrument is disconnected, the secondary control circuit is opened, the motor stops working, and the running indicator light goes out.

2. Manual operation: turn on the power, the power indicator lights, turn the switch to the "manual" position, press the start button, the motor starts to run, the operation indicator lights, press the "stop" button, the motor stops running, and its operating instructions The light goes out.

3. Regardless of the control method used, when the limit water level is reached, its over-limit water level signal contact is turned on, the secondary control circuit is de-energized, the motor is stopped, and a sound and light signal is issued. If an accident occurs during the operation of the motor, the accident indicator lights and the bell automatically reports suffering. At this time, press the stop button to force the motor to stop working.

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