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Why shouldn't the High Voltage Switch Cabinet be Placed Close to the Metal Sheet When Wiring?

Apr. 18, 2020

In our lives, High Voltage Switch Cabinet will not be known to the masses, but it is closely related to people's usual power consumption. High and low voltage switchgear equipment is used in manufacturing industries such as power stations, energy industry, metallurgical industrial textiles, and multi-story buildings. Its role is used for power engineering transmission, dispatching and power engineering transformation. So, when we install and use high-voltage switchgear equipment, what problems should be paid attention to in wiring? The following editors of China High Voltage Switch Cabinet Factory will answer your questions.

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

1. When wiring, high-voltage switchgear should not be placed close to the metal sheet, and the safety measures should be adopted when the vehicle wiring harness passes through the thick steel plate hole. No more than two wires can be connected to each terminal. When using wiring harness wiring, the fixed wiring harness should be arranged horizontally and vertically, and should be bundled and fixed. The lashing spacing should not exceed 100mm, the horizontal vehicle wiring harness fixed immobile spacing should not exceed 300mm, and the bisector wiring harness fixed immovable spacing should not exceed 400mm.

2. In the place where the wire harness of the high-voltage switch cabinet passes through the metal hole, the door passes, and the corner passes, please wrap the tape where the wire harness passes. The tape that crosses the door should be coiled 2-3 layers, about 60mm in length, other parts are clear according to the situation. Make sure that the tape on both sides of the hole has a capacity of about 20mm. When the suspension harness is not fixed and exceeds 300mm, the fixed cable should be fixed. The distance between the vehicle harness and the live system bus, power plug or live bare wire exceeds the distance required in Table 1.

3. The high-voltage switchgear should check whether the electrical connection parts are firmly connected, with good contact and no looseness. Carry out the project construction according to the secondary wiring diagram, and the wiring is appropriate. The route should be neat and elegant, and the insulation layer of the transmission line should be excellent and without damage. Only one cable is connected to each terminal block, and the number should not exceed two cables at most.

4. The reactive power compensation controller installed in the high-voltage switchgear adopts PHILIPS core technology and uses reactive power as the sampling physical quantity, which can reliably operate in harsh grid environments such as large harmonics, non-sinusoidal currents, and strong interference. PHILIPS core, pseudo-random numerical sampling and intelligent algorithm control, high precision, high reliability self-adaptation: intelligent queuing memory capacity function and automatic expulsion of bad capacitor group function.

11 electrical parameters display: power factor, voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, reactive power threshold, voltage threshold, delay and current transformer ratio.

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