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What Safety Precautions should I Understand When Opening High Voltage Switch Cabinet?

Apr. 13, 2020

The places where High Voltage Switch Cabinet is used are generally under high voltage environment, so the operator will have certain danger when operating high and low voltage switchgear, the following editor of China High Voltage Switch Cabinet Factory will introduce some electricity General safety knowledge:

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

1. To properly apply for electricity, installation and maintenance, it is best to find the staff of the power supply bureau, and do not connect the wires indiscriminately;

2. Install a circuit protection device in each power unit, and frequently check the aging degree of the circuit protection device;

3. Insulation measures must be taken for the power lines and various electrical equipment, especially the circuit switches and other places to ensure that there is no leakage;

4. Do not move the live electrical appliances in a humid environment, and do not wipe the live electrical appliances with a damp cloth;

5. Do not place flammable and explosive items on the wire or beside the electrical box, circuit protection device, etc .;

6. Check the aging degree of the circuit from time to time. For the circuits with potential safety hazards, they must be replaced to ensure that there is no leakage of electricity and fire will be caused;

7. If there is a fire in the electrical appliance, first cut off the power supply to rescue. Never put out directly with water to prevent electric shock;

8. Measures should be taken when derricks near the power lines, repairing houses or cutting trees, and the line equipment that may be encountered should be found after the power supply station is cut off;

9. Power lines, communication lines and broadcast lines should be clearly separated. When you find that the wire is connected with other wires, you should immediately find the power supply to deal with;

10. Do not quarry or fire the cannons near the power lines, dig pits or take soil near the power poles, dig fish ponds near the power poles, tie the animals on the poles, or damage the cables to prevent the poles from breaking;

11. Do not approach when the wire is broken, send someone to guard, and quickly find the power supply to deal with;

12. Temporary electrical equipment such as small water pumps and threshers are not allowed to move with electricity, hooks are not allowed to be connected to electricity, stock strands are not allowed, ground climbing lines and waist line are not allowed. It is strictly forbidden for minors to approach live equipment, and personnel who have not been evaluated by the electrical industry department are strictly prohibited from operating electrical equipment;

13. Do not use unqualified lamp holders, lamp wires, switches, sockets and other electrical equipment. The electrical equipment should be kept clean and intact, and the light wire should not be too long or pulled around;

14. If there is electric shock, do not pull the electric shock person by hand, pull off the switch as quickly as possible and use dry wooden sticks and dry bamboo poles to open the wires, and immediately use the correct artificial respiration or chest compression to perform on-site first aid;

15. Non-power supply personnel shall not operate high-voltage switches and do not enter the distribution room to disturb electrical equipment;

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