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Five voltage requirements and components of High Voltage Switch Cabinet.

Nov. 16, 2019

High voltage switch cabinet is mainly used for Electric Power Accessories for power system power generation, transmission, power distribution, power conversion and consumption, switching, control or protection, and electrical appliances with voltage levels ranging from 3.6kV to 550kV. Products, mainly including high-voltage circuit breakers, high-voltage isolating switches and grounding switches, high-voltage load switches, high-voltage automatic coincidence and segmentation, high-voltage operating mechanisms, high-voltage explosion-proof power distribution devices and high-voltage switchgear and other major categories. High-voltage power distribution cabinets are an important part of the power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing industry and occupy a very important position in the entire power industry.

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

The problem of power inspection of High Voltage Switch Cabinet is a problem that has plagued power safety production for many years. Nowadays, the mechanical "five-proof" locking device of the fully enclosed "five-proof" switchgear can not meet the safety regulations. "Grounding wire" requirements. Because in the implementation of power outage work, it must be verified that the equipment has no voltage before the grounding switch. However, the enclosed high-voltage switchgear is in a fully enclosed state. According to the normal operation method, the portable high-voltage electroscope cannot be used to inspect the equipment. Therefore, there is a method of forcibly unlocking and opening the switch cabinet door.

The high-voltage power distribution cabinet effectively prevents the accidental entry of the charging interval to a certain extent, so that the opening and closing of the cabinet door of the switch cabinet and the grounding switch has a locking relationship, that is, the switch cabinet door can be opened only after the grounding switch is closed, the accident The "five-proof" a mechanical locking device that exposed the old model high-voltage switchgear has imperfect problems.

The five defenses of the high voltage distribution cabinet are:

1. After the vacuum circuit breaker trolley in the high-voltage power distribution cabinet is closed at the test position, the trolley circuit breaker cannot enter the working position. (to prevent closing with load)

2. When the grounding knife in the high-voltage power distribution cabinet is in the position, the trolley circuit breaker cannot enter and close. (Prevent the grounding wire from closing)

3. When the vacuum circuit breaker in the high-voltage power distribution cabinet is closed, the machinery on the grounding knife of the rear cabinet of the cabinet is locked with the cabinet door. (to prevent accidental entry into the charging interval).

4. The vacuum circuit breaker in the high-voltage power distribution cabinet is closed during operation, and the grounding knife cannot be put into operation. (Prevent the live ground wire from being charged)

5. The vacuum circuit breaker in the high-voltage power distribution cabinet cannot exit the working position of the trolley circuit breaker during the working closing operation. (Preventing load broach brake)

The high voltage distribution cabinet consists of cabinet material and functional units.

These three parts can be subdivided.

Cabinet material: cold-rolled steel or angle steel (for welding cabinet); aluminum-zinc plate or galvanized steel plate (for assembly cabinet); stainless steel plate (non-magnetic); aluminum plate (not magnetic).

Functional unit: main bus room (general main busbar layout according to "goods" or "1" shape); circuit breaker room; cable room; relay and instrument room; cabinet top small bus room; secondary terminal room.

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