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What are the Countermeasures after Low Voltage Switch Cabinet's Energy Storage Failure?

Mar. 14, 2020

Switch cabinets can be divided into various types, such as PT cabinets, incoming cabinets, feeder cabinets, etc. These types of switch cabinets are commissioned during operation of the system, and their functions are different. Low Voltage Switch Cabinet Manufacturer reminds that, of course, they also belong to switch cabinets, and their conditions of use are basically the same.

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

The use, maintenance, and repair of the Low Voltage Switch Cabinet should be carried out separately and cannot be carried out simultaneously. The high and low voltage switchgear factory reminds us that low-voltage switchgear must be inspected after installation. After inspection, it is determined that there are no problems before it can be used.

In the case of using a low-voltage switch cabinet, the switch, cut-off switch, and adjustment stroke are not appropriate, and the motor may easily malfunction. For example, when the control circuit is cut off, a fault indicates that all motors are not rotating and the motors have no voltage. High and low voltage switchgear factory reminds that this fault tester can measure voltage and resistance.

When the control circuit is energized, the voltage measurement method adjusts the tester to voltage mode. When measuring voltage, there are open circuit points between them. The high and low voltage switchgear factory reminds us that the limit switch is the limit switch that controls the energy position of the motor of the low voltage switchgear.

When the motor is stored in a predetermined position, the motor is cut off. If the limit is too high, the government has enough energy. In this aspect, when the motor fails, the motor can be stopped, and when the motor is not stopped in the idle state, the pilot of the energy is not turned on, but the control switch is turned on. If the position limit is too low and full of economy motors, you can stop as soon as possible.

Because the storage capacity is insufficient, the lock requirement is not complied with; in this case, you can manually and slowly locate it to find the correct position, close it tightly, and return to normal. The high and low voltage switchgear factory reminded that the storage location of the motor tower plays a specific role.

The motor of the low-voltage switchgear has the phenomenon of grilling, smell, smoke, fuses and so on. If there is voltage at both ends of the motor, the motor does not move, the carbon rod falls off, and there is a problem with wear. The high and low voltage switchgear factory reminds us that the method of determining whether the motor is faulty can measure the voltage and resistance of the entire motor; it can also replace other good motors for inspection.

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