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What is the difference between a distribution box and a Low Voltage Switch Cabinet?

Oct. 15, 2019

  Some people can't tell the difference between the distribution box and the Low Voltage Switch Cabinet. It is said that from a functional point of view, it is really similar. Isn't that just a different name? In fact, do the two refer to the same thing? No, the two are really not one thing. As a Power Distribution Cabinet Manufacturer, let's talk about the difference between the distribution box and the low-voltage switchgear.

  The capacity of the individual circuits in the low-voltage switchgear is relatively large, and the circuit components in the low-voltage switchgear also require disconnecting components, operating components, and corresponding protective components. The capacity of each circuit of the distribution box is much smaller than that of the low-voltage switchgear, and there are no disconnecting components in the circuit, only small-capacity operating elements. The distribution box is just an extension of the low-voltage circuit. If you need more small capacity and not a very important power supply circuit, you can return the power from the low-voltage switchgear and then divide it into multiple channels in the distribution box. The power supply circuit achieves the goal of saving money.

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

  The specific difference is that the components are different. The proportion of the molded case circuit breaker and the frame circuit breaker in the low-voltage switchgear is relatively large, and the low-voltage switchgear has a capacitor cabinet. But the things in the distribution box may be more complicated. Generally, a larger switch will carry a string of micro-breaks. Some may simply install an electric meter, just like a magnetic card case for a power-on word, and other contactor relays that need to be loaded with a motor pump fan and the like. In addition, the mainline of the low-voltage switchgear is mainly the copper bus, and the wires in the distribution box are more.

  In fact, the simplest way to distinguish is to look at the appearance. Generally, the volume of the low-voltage switchgear is relatively large, and the height is about two meters. The size of the distribution box is not accurate, and the small size may only be the size of the palm, such as the common TV box, it is also the distribution box. Even if the big possibility is more than one meter high, it is generally not big.

  The problem of high-voltage and low-voltage switchgear is a problem that has plagued power safety production for many years. Nowadays, the mechanical “five-proof” locking device of the fully enclosed “five-proof” switchgear can not meet the safety regulations. Hanging the ground wire" requirements.

  Because in the implementation of power outage work, it must be verified that the equipment has no voltage before the grounding switch. However, the enclosed high and low voltage switchgear is in a fully enclosed state. According to the normal operation method, the portable high voltage electroscope cannot be used to inspect the equipment. Therefore, there is a method of forcibly unlocking and opening the switch cabinet door.

  A high-voltage live display device using a xenon lamp as a display element is widely used in the high and low voltage switchgear. After a long period of operation, it is found that the blindness rate is high and the bubble is largely damaged.

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