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Why do High-Voltage Switchgears with Strict Design Have Frequent Accidents?

May. 18, 2020

As a Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet Factory, share with you. I believe everyone has seen the Low-voltage Power Distribution Cabinet online.

The news of the fire, why the design and installation of the strict requirements of Hubei high and low voltage switchgear will cause frequent accidents, in fact, mostly because they do not understand the high and low voltage switchgear caused by improper use and lead to burns. Today's editor of high and low voltage switchgear manufacturers will take you to see what may cause high and low voltage switchgear burning.

Low-voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

Low-voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

1. Common burning failures of high and low voltage switchgear

Busbar aluminum contact burnout, high and low voltage switchgear parallel leakage circuit breaker or open circuit burnout, lower end RTO fuse burning loss, distribution cabinet low voltage instrument, air outlet or arrester burnout, high and low voltage cabinet contact screws are not tightly tightened 1. Short circuit inside the power distribution cabinet.

2. Burning due to management

Because the short-circuit line between the high and low voltage cabinets is at the receiving end, the leakage protection or idle running current exceeds the rated current to make the protection or idle or empty lead and terminal ignite and burn the distribution box. The outlet power distribution room is a four-level line and T low-voltage outlet steel pipe. The standard u-shaped waterproof can not be bent, resulting in rainwater leakage protection device. When the load is excessive or overcurrent, the heater will be heated, causing the high and low voltage cabinet to catch fire damage.

3. Burning due to technical reasons

The capacity of the high and low voltage cabinets is unreasonably small, resulting in overloading of the distribution equipment and burning of the electrical equipment during overload. High and low voltage cabinet lightning protection facilities are not perfect. First, simple high and low voltage cabinets are not equipped with low voltage surge arresters. The second is that the power distribution cabinet is not grounded safely and reliably in accordance with the low-voltage power grid technical specifications.

The above is all the content introduced today, I hope everyone understands. If you want to know more about high and low voltage switchgear, you can follow our website at any time, and we will update it from time to time. Our company also has PLC Control Cabinet for sale, please contact us.