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Do you know about PLC Electrical Cabinet?

Mar. 20, 2020

As a PLC Control Cabinet Manufacturer, share with you. It is because the inverter control cabinet is designed according to the maximum load and a certain margin. However, in the middle of the year, it can only run for more than ten days or even more than ten hours at full load. All run below 70%. Generally, the load of the refrigerating machine in the central air-conditioning system can automatically adjust the load as the seasonal temperature changes, but the refrigerating pump and cooling pump that match the refrigerating machine cannot automatically adjust the load. It runs under 100% load for a long period of time, resulting in extreme energy Big waste also deteriorates the operating environment and quality of central air-conditioning. With the increasing maturity of frequency conversion technology, the organic combination of inverters, PLCs, digital-to-analog conversion modules, temperature sensors, temperature modules and other components is used to form a temperature difference closed-loop automatic control system to automatically adjust the output flow of water pumps. It can keep the room temperature of the shopping mall at the desired state, make people feel comfortable and satisfied, and make the entire system work smoothly and stably. More importantly, its energy saving effect is more than 30%, which can bring good economic benefits. PLC Electrical Cabinet is composed of built-in frequency converter plus peripheral control, protection, display and other electrical components and cabinets. It is an AC drag device and energy-saving device that controls the frequency conversion of three-phase AC motors (including fans and pumps). 

PLC Electrical Cabinet

PLC Electrical Cabinet

Frequency converter control cabinet (frequency converter electrical control cabinet / electrical control cabinet) can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, water supply, mining, building materials, motor industry and other pumps, fans, air compressors, rolling mills, injection molding machines, belts Various medium voltage motor equipment such as transport aircraft. The frequency conversion cabinet adopts a closed cabinet structure, and the protection level is generally IP20, IP21, IP30, etc. The profile frame is used, the surface is coated with plastic spray, and it is easy to be installed in the cabinet. The upper end can be configured with a bus bar. Direct operation, local and remote control or PC / PLC communication control can be set as required, with a variety of intuitive display functions. The inverter is a special supporting product of the inverter cabinet. Its frequency conversion speed regulation function and main technical parameters depend on the specifications of the built-in inverter and the peripheral configuration. Inverter cabinets vary greatly according to different uses and functions, and are generally customized according to industrial and mining requirements. The more stereotypes are: constant pressure water supply frequency conversion cabinet, escalator frequency conversion control cabinet, central air conditioning circulating pump frequency conversion cabinet, fan frequency conversion energy-saving cabinet, etc.

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