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How long do you know about Power Distribution Cabinet's Long-Term use?

Feb. 17, 2020

As a Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet Factory, share with you.

In the case of long-term use of the power distribution cabinet, faults may occur to varying degrees. But some failures can be avoided or the degree of loss can be reduced. This requires us to maintain and proficient in the use of safety methods during use.

For how to use Standard Low Voltage Switch Cabinet safely, you can try this method:

First, management at different levels has its own responsibilities. The power distribution box equipment power department should number, register, file, classify and manage the responsibilities of each low-voltage power distribution box, and regularly conduct technical inspections and measurements of the power distribution box. If problems are found, they should be eliminated in time to Reduce accidents and be accountable to customers.

Second, when regularly inspecting the distribution box, the maintenance electrician should conduct a comprehensive people inspection. If the components in the distribution box are found to have severe heating, the cause of the heat should be identified, and the wiring should be tightened in time if it is loose. In addition, if there is dust or debris in the distribution box, it should be cleaned in time to keep the distribution box clean and tidy.

Low-voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

Low-voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

Third, the environment around the distribution box should be kept tidy. Distribution box maintenance or operating personnel cannot stack, hang work supplies or other items within 1.2 meters in front of the distribution box door. In addition, there must be no stagnant water around the distribution box, which may cause an electric shock accident, and non-professional electricians are not allowed to disassemble and assemble electrical components in the electric box at will.

Fourth, the operation of the power distribution box should be strictly performed in accordance with the operating procedures. During the use of the power distribution box, the load must be closed and closed strictly. Otherwise, a large arc will burn the power distribution components or the operator of the power distribution box will be burned and burned.

The specific steps are as follows: Responsibilities are inspected and maintained by the maintenance team of the mechanical and electrical installation and maintenance engineering department every six months, and the maintenance work is completed with the shortest power outage.

1. Preparations:

A. Notify the residents of the start and end time of the power outage one day before the power outage maintenance of the power distribution cabinet.

B. Make all preparations before power failure, especially the preparation of tools; and complete the maintenance work with the shortest power failure time.

2. Maintenance procedures:

A. Carry out segmented maintenance, and first maintain the security load section.

B. Stop the security load, and the remaining loads will be supplied to the city power as usual. Disconnect the air switch for the mains power supply for the security load, disconnect the air switch for the generator, set the generator selection switch to the stop position, disassemble the positive and negative wires of the battery, and hang nameplates to prevent the generator from sending electricity.

C. Check if there is any deformation at the bus joints and whether there are any traces of discharge blackening. Tighten the connecting bolts. If the bolts are rusty, replace them to ensure that the joints are tightly connected. Inspect the insulation on the female for looseness and damage.

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