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How to Maintain Inverter Control Cabinet in Summer?

Jul. 02, 2020

The frequency conversion control cabinet is a relatively common control equipment. For some enterprises, the high-voltage frequency conversion start cabinet is an indispensable part. With the advent of summer, the temperature is also rising, and the failure rate of the high-voltage inverter startup cabinet in operation will increase significantly. In order to effectively protect the equipment, we should strengthen the maintenance of the high-voltage inverter startup cabinet. Then let us introduce you to China High Voltage Switch Cabinet Factory.

Low Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

Low Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

1. The operating ambient temperature of the inverter requires a minimum ambient temperature of -5℃ and a maximum ambient temperature of 40℃. In order to improve the reliability of the inverter and extend the service life of the inverter.

2. Check whether the cooling fan on the top of the inverter is operating normally. Put a piece of standard A4 printing paper on the filter screen of the cabinet door. The paper should be adsorbed on the filter screen of the air inlet.

3. The relative humidity of the environment during inverter operation cannot be higher than 95%. Otherwise, condensation may occur when the load of the inverter changes, which may cause insulation damage to the live parts of the inverter. If the relative humidity is high, please turn on the dehumidification function of the air conditioner or purchase a dehumidifier and install it in the room.

4. Ensure the ventilation and lighting of the inverter room are good, and the ventilation and heat dissipation equipment can operate normally.

PLC Electrical Cabinet is strange to everyone when it comes to this name. Although it is relatively common in our lives, it is not very common. There are many fields where it is applicable, then let me introduce you to the components of the PLC inverter control cabinet.

1. Open: a total air switch, this is the power control of the entire cabinet. I believe that every cabinet must have something.

2. PLC: This should be selected according to engineering needs. For example, if the project is small, it can be directly an integrated PLC, but if the project is relatively large, it may require modules and cards, and it may also require redundancy.

3. 24VDC power supply: A 24VDC switching power supply. Most PLCs have their own 24VDC power supply. Whether or not this switching power supply is required depends on whether it is really needed.

4. Relay: In general, PLC can directly send instructions to the control loop, but it may also be relayed by the relay first. For example, if the output of your PLC is powered by 24VDC, but the picture drawn in your control loop requires that the node supplied by the PLC is 220VAC, then you must add a relay to the PLC output, that is, the command is issued When the relay is activated, the node of the control loop is then connected to the normally open or normally closed point of the relay. Whether to use the relay is also selected according to the situation.

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