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Top secrets of Switch Cabinet you do not know

Dec. 07, 2019

As a High Voltage Switch Cabinet Manufacturer, share with you the knowledge of switch cabinets. Switchgear refers to a complete set of power distribution devices assembled from primary equipment and secondary equipment according to a certain scheme. It is mainly used to control and protect lines and equipment. Switch cabinets can be divided into High Voltage Switch Cabinet and low voltage switch cabinet according to voltage level.

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

High Voltage Switch Cabinet

Divided from the application perspective

1. Incoming cabinet: Also called power receiving cabinet, it is a device used to receive electrical energy from the power grid (from the incoming line to the busbar). Generally, it is equipped with components such as circuit breakers, CT, PT, isolating knives.

2. Outlet cabinet: It is also called a feeder cabinet or power distribution cabinet. It is a device used to distribute electrical energy (from the busbar to each outgoing line). Generally, it is also equipped with circuit breakers, CT, PT, isolating knives and other components.

3.PT cabinet: Also called voltage transformer cabinet, it is usually installed directly on the bus to detect the voltage of the bus and realize the protection function. Inside are mainly installed voltage transformers PT, isolation knives, fuses and arresters.

4. Isolation cabinet: It is used to isolate the bus bars at both ends or to isolate the power of receiving equipment from the power supply equipment. It can provide a visible endpoint for the operators to facilitate maintenance and repair operations. Because the isolation cabinet does not have the ability to disconnect and connect the load current, the handcart of the isolation cabinet cannot be pushed and pulled when the circuit breaker matched with it is closed. In general applications, it is necessary to set the interlock of the auxiliary contact of the circuit breaker and the isolated handcart to prevent misoperation by the operating personnel.

5. Metering cabinet: It is mainly used for metering electrical energy (kWh), and it is divided into high voltage and low voltage. It is generally installed with an isolation switch, fuse, CT, PT, active watt-hour meter (traditional meter or digital electric meter). , Reactive power meters, relays, and some other auxiliary secondary equipment (such as load monitors, etc.).

6. SVG: Static Reactive Power Generator, referred to as SVG for short. Also called high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation generating device, or static synchronous compensator. It refers to a device that performs dynamic reactive power compensation by a self-commutated power semiconductor bridge converter. SVG is the current solution in the field of reactive power control. Compared with the traditional camera, capacitor reactor, and traditional SVC mainly represented by thyristor controlled reactor TCR, SVG has unparalleled advantages. The following picture is the SVG Electric SVG

7. Inflatable switchgear: also known as a closed combination electrical cabinet, it is a combination of circuit breakers, disconnectors, grounding switches, CT, PT, arresters, bus bars and other enclosures in a metal housing, and then with insulation and arc extinguishing performance A good gas (generally using sulfur hexafluoride SF6) as a phase-to-phase and ground insulation measure, suitable for high-voltage and high-capacity power grids, used for power distribution and control.

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