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  • Intelligent Transmission and Distribution Automation System

Intelligent Transmission and Distribution Automation System

  • Product Description

I. Overview

This product is the monitoring unit of the overhead line power grid. It cooperates with the On-post switch to realize automatic monitoring, fault analysis and judgment record of line status. It has the functions of driving switch to protect the safety of line equipment, cut off line fault and automatically restore line operation. Suitable for Outdoor Switchgear up to 35kV including vacuum circuit breaker, oil circuit breaker and gas circuit breaker.

This product is an integrated automatic outdoor measurement and control device which integrates line protection, control, voltage and current signal measurement and monitoring. It has all the functions of processing all voltage and current signals of a single overhead line and remote operation of switches.

Supporting communication modes: wireless mode (GSM/GPRS/CDMA), ethernet, WIFI, optical fiber, power carrier, RS232/485,

RJ45 and so on, and can access other station equipment (such as TTU, FTU, DTU, etc.).

II. Technical parameters

 Power Supply:Rated power supplyAC220V
Nominal Voltage Tolerance of Power Supply-20%~+20%
Power waste≤5W
Rated Frequency50Hz
Waveform distortion≤5%
 Rating:Current transformer5A 或1A,Power waste <1.0VA/相
Voltage transformer220V,Power waste <0.5VA/相
 Measurement Range and Accuracy:Protective current0.10~99.99A ≤±3.0℅
Zero sequence current0.010~9.999A ≤±0.5℅
Voltage0.1~280.0V ≤±0.5℅
 Protective Performance Parameters:Event resolution2ms
Quick Break Outlet TimeUnder 1.2In, the whole group action time is less than 40ms.
Export time error of protection≤1%
Export relay:Contact Load (Resistance)10A/220VAC,10A/28VDC
Electrical life100,000 times
Switching Input:Rated open-in voltageDC24V
Open-in resolutionMinimum 2ms
       EMC Characteristics:Insulation resistance≥10MΩ
Insulation strength2.5kV,1min
Voltage sag and voltage interruption100%,0.5s
High frequency interference Series mode1.5kVP,1min
Common mode2.5kVP,1min
Surge interference4.0kVP,1.2/50μs
Electrostatic Discharge (Contact Discharge)8kV
Power Frequency Magnetic Field100A/m
Damped oscillating magnetic field100A/m
Impulse voltage5kV,1.2/50μs
All EMC and performance indicators meet DL/T721-2000 IV standard
communication interface:Main Communication Port1-way RS485 interface (baud rate is optional)
   Work Environment:Operating temperature-25℃~+70℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+70℃
Humidity5%-100% including condensation
Environmental temperature change rate<25℃/h
Atmospheric pressure70~106KPa
Surrounding environmentNo explosion, corrosive gas and conductive dust, no enzymatic bacteria, no violent shock source
 Other technical indicators:Overall weight≤5kg
Shell protection grade≥IP65
Average fault-free time≥50,000h

Ⅲ. Functional characteristics

1. Unique battery voltage real-time monitoring technology, battery low-voltage alarm protection, and can configure a variety of options of solar panel power supply and 220 V indoor power supply, greatly ensuring the stability of the controller.

2. Using modular design, control, communication and telecontrol functions to expand flexibly, suitable for feeder automation, with the "three remote" function.

3. Acquisition of three-phase protection current, zero-sequence current, three-phase voltage, zero-sequence voltage, three-phase measurement current, etc.

4. Three-stage current protection, zero-sequence/negative-sequence protection, voltage protection, reclosure (post-acceleration), inrush current protection, harmonic protection, etc.

5. The three characteristic quantities of zero-sequence current, voltage and power direction can be calculated synthetically to realize reliable detection within and outside the fault boundary.

6. RS485, Ethernet interface, GPRS module, short message and handheld remote control with control distance of 50 meters are assembled.

7. It can run in high temperature and cold environment for a long time, and all parts can run stably under extremely harsh conditions.

8. Ultra-high temperature liquid crystal display technology can work in the harsh environment of - 40 ~80 ~C for a long time. All parameters are displayed on the LCD screen. The effect is intuitive and the operation is convenient.

9. Record and save the important information on the line and the user's operation information, up to 100 SOE events.

10. With prepaid arrears tripping function, it is convenient to manage users'electricity consumption.

Ⅳ. Installation indication and outline dimensions of products

1. When installing this product, please fix the controller on the pole with the mounting frame as shown in the figure below. The users of the mounting frame design it by themselves.

2. Fixed the operation panel vertically downward, not inverted.

3. When installing this product, the grounding wire must be connected reliably.

Intelligent Transmission and Distribution Automation SystemIntelligent Transmission and Distribution Automation System

Note: In the process of installing the device, the dangerous strong electricity of the device may cause permanent damage to the equipment or casualties. Therefore, the installation, commissioning and overhaul operations are limited to those with strict training and professional and technical personnel.

V. Order Requirements

1. The product type should be specified when ordering. For example, rated current of demarcation circuit breaker, rated short circuit breaking current, quantity, product configuration (such as current transformer ratio, accuracy, capacity) and so on.

2. Users can choose appropriate functional configurations according to their requirements, such as GPRS function, prepaid function, short message function of mobile phone and solar power supply board.