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  • GGD fixed switch cabinet
  • GGD fixed switch cabinet
  • GGD fixed switch cabinet
  • GGD fixed switch cabinet

GGD fixed switch cabinet

  • Product Description

Standard specification

I. Overview:

GGD fixed switch cabinet is suitable for 50HZ AC, 380V rated working voltage and 3150A rated working current distribution system of power plant, power plant, mining enterprise and other power users. It is used for power conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and distribution equipment.

GGD fixed switchgear is a new type of low-voltage distribution cabinet designed on the principle of safety, economy, reasonableness and reliability, according to the requirements of the superiors in charge of the Ministry of Energy, the vast number of power users and design departments. The product has the characteristics of high breaking ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, series, strong practicability, novel structure and high protection grade. It can be used as a replacement product of low-voltage switchgear.

Fixed switchgear meets IEC 439 "Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment", GB7251 "Low Voltage Switchgear Set" and other standards.

Ⅱ.Type and Meaning

  GGD fixed switch cabinet

Ⅲ. Conditions of use

1. Ambient air temperature is not higher than + 40 degrees, not lower than - 5 degrees, and within 24 hours its average temperature is not higher than + 35 degrees.

2. The relative temperature of ambient air should not exceed 50% when it is + 40 degrees. The maximum relative temperature is allowed at lower temperatures, such as 90 degrees at + 20 degrees. However, due to the change of temperature, moderate condensation may occur.

3. For indoor use, the altitude of the place of use shall not exceed 2000 meters.

4. It should be installed in places where there is no severe vibration and shock to make electrical components corroded.

Ⅳ. Main electrical parameters

GGD fixed switch cabinet

V. Structural characteristics

1. The cabinet body of GGD distribution cabinet is in the form of general cabinet. The frame is assembled by local welding of cold-formed steel plate. The frame parts and special supporting parts are supplied by our company to ensure the accuracy and quality of solids. The size and color of the cabinet can be customized by customers.

2. When designing GGD cabinet, the problem of heat dissipation in cabinet operation is fully considered. There are different number of heat sink holes at the upper and lower ends of the cabinet. When the electric components in the cabinet are heated, the heat rises and is eliminated through the upper slot holes, while the cold air is continuously supplemented by the lower slot holes into the cabinet, so that the sealed cabinet forms a natural ventilation channel from the bottom to the top, so as to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

3. GGD cabinet adopts golden section proportion method to design the cabinet body and the partition size of each part in accordance with the requirements of modem industrial product design, so as to make the cabinet beautiful, generous and novel.

4. The cabinet door is assembled and disassembled with hinge and frame. The folding edge of the door is embedded with foaming rubber and plastic strips. When the door is closed, the strips between the door and the frame can effectively prevent the door from colliding with the cabinet, and improve the protection level.

5. All cabinets that can be directly contacted with human body are connected to the frame with multiple soft copper wires, and then connected to the ground bus. The copper wire in the cabinet and the grounding stud of the cabinet door are effectively connected with the broken paint pad to form an effective grounding protection.

6. The top cover of the cabinet body is dismantled in class when necessary, which is convenient for the assembly and adjustment of the main busbar on site. The four corners of the top of the cabinet are equipped with hoisting rings for lifting and transportation.

7. Effective silver plating and embossing were carried out at the overlap of the bronze plate and the bronze plate. The conductivity, corrosion resistance and reliability of the overlap were improved, and the wiring resistance of the overlap surface was reduced. (if required)

8. The protection level of cabinet is IP30 and IP40. Users can also choose between IP20 and IP40 according to the requirements of the use environment.

VI. Outward Size

GGD fixed switch cabinet

Ⅶ.Complete Set of Products

The following documents and annexes shall be provided for supply:

1. Qualification Certificate

2. Packing list

3. Instructions for Use

4. Exit Inspection Report

5. Relevant electrical diagrams

6. Accessories for cabinet door keys and operating handles as stipulated in the contract

Ⅷ. Instructions for Order

1. Scheme diagram of main circuit system

2. Electrical schematic diagram of auxiliary circuit circuit

3. Plane layout of switchgear

4. Cabinet color (if not required, install provided by our company)

5. List of spare parts required

6. Other special requirements that do not meet the normal use of the product.

7. In the absence of master and auxiliary plans, the company may substitute for survey and design.