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  • WSD-FLW34-24 SF6 load switch
  • WSD-FLW34-24 SF6 load switch

WSD-FLW34-24 SF6 load switch


WSD-FLW34-24 SF6 load switch is suitable for outdoor three-phase AC distribution system with rated voltage of 24 kV and rated frequency of 50/60 HZ. 

  • Product Description

I. Overview

WSD-FLW34-24 SF6 load switch is suitable for outdoor three-phase AC distribution system with rated voltage of 24 kV and rated frequency of 50/60 HZ. It can be used for on-off and off-load currents and short-circuit currents. The products are suitable for substation, industrial and mining enterprises, protection and control of farm network, automatic distribution network of farm network and frequent operation places.

WSD-FLW34-24 SF6 load switch is used for operation control switch of overhead line distribution system. There are many types. It has many outstanding advantages, such as no oil, simple mechanism, reliable performance and no maintenance, and has been widely used so far. This product combines with FDR type fault detector or RTU remote control terminal device to form a very simple distribution automation system, which can realize automatic fault location of overhead lines and automatic isolation of fault sections.

2. Type Meaning

WSD-FLW34-24 SF6 load switch


1. SF6 gas insulation, non-toxic, non-flammable, with excellent arc extinguishing characteristics.

2. In addition to standard ceramic bushing, the bushing can be made of silicone rubber/epoxy resin and other materials.

3. Visible disconnection/closure (green disconnection; red closure).

4. Use the spring energy storage operation mechanism to ensure quick closing and opening operation (less than 100 milliseconds).

5. Remote control can be achieved: with the electronic controller, it can be operated locally or the main console can be operated by FTU interface.


1Rated voltagekV1224
2Rated FrequencyHz50/6050/60
3Rated insulation level(SF6 gas filled 0.07 Mpa/ At 20 C)Lightning Impulse Voltage ResistanceInterphase, relativekV75125
Power Frequency Voltage Withstand1minInterphase, relativekV4264
4Insulation Level under Zero Meter VoltagePower Frequency Voltage Withstand 1minkV30
Inverse phase withstand voltage 1min30
Maximum Phase Voltage 5min9
5Rated currentA630630
6Rated interruption load current(0.07Mpa /At 20℃)A630630
7Open-off Current under Zero Meter PressureA630630
8Peak Tolerance CurrentkA5050
9Rated short-time closing currentkA5050
12Rated Cable Charging Open-Out CurrentA2525
13Rated line charging switching-on currentA1616
14Rated closed-loop switching-off currentA630630
15Excitation currentA2121
16Rated Current Interruption NumberTime≥400≥400
17Rated working pressureMPa0.070.07
18Resistance of each phase main circuitμΩ≤150≤150
19Relative Gas Leakage Rateyear≤1%≤1%
20Moisture Content of SF6 GasOut-of-factory handover valueppm≤150≤150
Switch Operating Valueppm≤300≤300
21Mechanical stability operationTime60006000
22Rated operating voltage and rated auxiliary circuit voltageVDC 220/110/48/24DC 220/110/48/24
AC 220/110AC 220/110
23WeightType M(Manual operating mechanism)kg115125
Type A(Electric operating mechanism)135145
24Protection Level of Mechanism Box and ControllerIP54

V. Conditions of Use

1. Ambient air temperature: upper limit + 50 and lower limit - 40 C.

2. Relative humidity: 100%

3. The altitude does not exceed 1000m; 2000m; 3500m. (According to the user's request when ordering. No requirement for conventional 1000m is proposed.)

4. The wind pressure should not exceed 700 PA (equivalent to 34 m/s).

5. Earthquake intensity: 8 degrees.

6. Installation site: No fire, explosion, chemical corrosion and frequent violent vibration.

7. Contamination Grades: Classes III and IV