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Outdoor Low Voltage Power Distribution Box

  • Product Description

   Xl-21 series power distribution box is suitable for power distribution and lighting distribution in industrial and civil buildings with AC frequency of 50 Hz, voltage of 500 V and below, three-phase four wire power system. At the same time, it is suitable for making all kinds of motor starting cabinets, including full voltage direct starting cabinet, full digital control soft starting cabinet, self coupling step-down starting cabinet, star delta starting cabinet, multi speed motor starting cabinet, etc. There are dozens of primary line scheme numbers or derived scheme numbers for selection, which have a wide range of applications.

   This product is an indoor enclosed distribution box. The box body is made of thin steel plate by bending and welding. The front of the box body is a single left door. The door is equipped with voltmeter, ammeter and other measuring instruments, operating appliances and signal appliances. It is a power distribution device with simple structure, reliable operation and low cost.